Spiritual Care for Cancer Patients in Iran


Community Medicine, Center of Excellence in psychiatry, School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health, Iran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran.


Background: Studies have shown that a return to spirituality is a major coping response in cancer patients so that therapists can adopt a holistic approach by addressing spirituality in their patient care. The present study was conducted to develop a guideline in the spiritual field for healthcare providers who serve cancer patients in Iran. Materials and Methods: Relevant statements were extracted from scientific documents that through study questions were reviewed and modified by a consensus panel. Results: The statements were arranged in six areas, including spiritual needs assessment, spiritual care candidates, the main components of spiritual care, spiritual care providers, the settings of spiritual care and the resources and facilities for spiritual care. Conclusions: In addition to the development and preparation of these guidelines, health policy-makers should also seek to motivate and train health service providers to offer these services and facilitate their provision and help with widespread implementation.