Role of GSTM1 Copy Number Variant in the Prognosis of Thai Colorectal Cancer Patients Treated with 5-FU-based Chemotherapy


Unit of Biochemistry, Department of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Rangsit University, Pathum Thani


Background: Glutathione S-transferase M1 (GSTM1) is involved in the detoxification of carcinogenic agents. DNA copy number variants of GSTM1 may be associated with cancer progression and may result in reduced survival time of various cancers. Determination of DNA copy number variants was here used to assess the association between GSTM1 copy number variant and pathological status and survival time of colorectal-cancer patients treated with 5-fluorouracil-based chemotherapy. Methods: One hundred thirteen Thai colorectal-cancer patients were investigated for GSTM1 copy number variant by real-time PCR. Relationships between gene copy number variants and clinico-pathological parameters were determined. Result: Associations were evident between GSTM1 copy number and stage of tumor (P = 0.026) and metastasis at diagnosis (P = 0.049), with odds ratio values of 0.2 and 0.3 respectively. Conclusions: GSTM1 copy number variant was here not related with reduced overall survival for the colorectal-cancer patients receiving 5-FU-based chemotherapy.