Analysis of Rapid arc-based Radiation Therapy on Dosimetric Parameters in Cervical Cancer Patients with and without Bone Marrow Sparing

Document Type : Research Articles


1 Department of Radiation Oncology, DMCH Cancer Care Center, Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

2 Department of Radiation Oncology, Fortis Cancer Institute, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, Punjab, India.


Background: The standard treatment for cervical cancer is chemoradiation therapy. Pelvic radiation is associated with higher dose to bone marrow (BM) causing interrupted treatment due to haematologic toxicity with inferior outcomes. This study aims to evaluate rapid arc technique in sparing pelvic BM and dosimetric parameters for pelvis V5GY, V10GY, V20GY, V30GY, and V40GY dose. Method: Twenty one cervical cancer patients were selected for the analysis. Planning target volume (PTV) contours, total pelvic BM and surrounding structures contours were standardised. Two rapid arc based procedures were designed for individual patient. One was done using bone marrow sparing (BMS) constraints while other was performed without BMS constraints. Data for both plans was calculated with regard to PTV, normal structures and pelvic BM. Difference in dose distribution in both groups was analysed using Wilcoxon and Friedman ANOVA test. Results: In the presence of BM constraint a significant changes in pelvic BM dose for values of V10GY (p=0.002), V20GY (p=0.002) and V40GY (p=0.025) was observed. The coverage of PTV was found to be unaffected by adding BM constraint. Conclusion: The BM is radiosensitive structure so dosage is linked with haemtological toxicity. Increased dose is associated with higher grade of haematological toxicity in pelvic radiotherapy. The study suggests that adding BM constraint in plans reduced the pelvic BM dose while not affecting PTV coverage and dose to bowel, bladder and rectum. Bone marrow constraint in pelvic radiotherapy can be considered for better treatment toleration and to determine its role in decreasing haematological toxicity.


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