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Dr. Pravin Kesarwani

Molecular Genetic Radiation Oncology Research
William Beaumont Research Institute, USA


DR. Kesarwani has been interested in tumor immunity, especially in cancer immunotherapy. One of his major project involved understanding how tumors utilize constant stimulation of antitumor T cells to induce cell death. They recently identified that T effector cell induces programmed necrosis of T cells. Inhabiting such unconventional form of cell death helps improve persistence of anti-tumor T cells and enhanced tumor control. They also found that antioxidants and cell surface thiols help increase T cell memory population. Moreover, they also found that mTOR inhibition has the results in increased cell surface thiols as well as antioxidant capacity, which gives them an edge over untreated effector T cells which have lower cell surface thiols and lower antioxidant capacity. He has also undertaken various other projects associated with understanding and increasing efficacy of immunotherapy.

Epidemiology (Etiologic studies of cancer)

Molecular and Cellular aspect (Inflammation, Oxidative stress, studies of cell lines)

Patient Care and Clinical aspect of Cancer