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Number of Articles: 2
1. Clinical and Hematological Relevance of JAK2V617F, CALR, and MPL Mutations in Vietnamese Patients with Essential Thrombocythemia

Volume 20, Issue 9, September 2019, Pages 2775-2780

Hoang Anh Vu; Tran Thi Thao; Cao Van Dong; Nguyen Lam Vuong; Ho Quoc Chuong; Phan Nguyen Thanh Van; Huynh Nghia; Nguyen Tan Binh; Phu Chi Dung; Phan Thi Xinh

2. Polycythaemia Vera among Sudanese Patients with Special Emphasis on JAK2 Mutations

Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 41-44

Ibrahim Khidir Ibrahim; Rosline Hassan; Elshazli Widaa Ali; Awad Omer