Keywords = H. pylori
Number of Articles: 16
1. H. pylori Infection and Colorectal Cancers by Anatomical Locations

Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2020, Pages 2431-2437

Dao Viet Hang; Dinh Thi Minh; Tran Hieu Hoc; Le Hong Phuoc; Tran Que Son; Ngoan Tran Le

2. Association between Helicobacter pylori Infection and Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Patients in the Northern Part of Afghanistan: a Cross-Sectional Study in Andkhoy City

Volume 19, Issue 4, April 2018, Pages 1035-1039

Mohammad Shoaib Hamrah; Mohammad Hassan Hamrah; Hideki Ishii; Susumu Suzuki; Mohammad Hussain Hamrah; Ahmad Edris Hamrah; Ahmad Elias Dahi; Kyosuke Takeshita; Mohammad Hashem Hamrah; Akbar Fotouhi; Junichi Sakamoto; Toyoaki Murohara