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Number of Articles: 18
1. The Uptake and Factors Associated with Mastectomy among Chinese Women with Breast Cancer: A Retrospective Observational Study

Volume 22, Issue 5, May 2021, Pages 1599-1606

Jing Liu; Dongmei Guo; Sharyn Hunter; Regina Lai Tong Lee; Jiemin Zhu; Sally Wai-Chi Chan

2. Qualitative Study of Health Information -Seeking Barriers among Mastectomy Patients

Volume 21, Issue 11, November 2020, Pages 3185-3190

Masoomeh Latifi; Meghdad Sedaghat; Nilofar Barahmand; Fatemeh Fahimnia; Leili Allahbakhshian Farsani

3. Health Promoting Lifestyle and its Relationship with Self-Efficacy in Iranian Mastectomized Women

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2020, Pages 1667-1672

Monireh Hamed Bieyabanie; Mojgan Mirghafourvand

4. Implication of Soluble HLA-G and HLA-G +3142G/C Polymorphism in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant Therapy in Tanzania

Volume 20, Issue 11, November 2019, Pages 3465-3472

Ismael Chatita Adolf; Gokce Akan; Teddy F Mselle; Nazima Dharsee; Lucy A Namkinga; Fatmahan Atalar

6. The Economic Burden of Breast Cancer Survivors in Korea: A Descriptive Study Using a 26-Month Micro-Costing Cohort Approach

Volume 20, Issue 7, July 2019, Pages 2131-2137

Chang Hoon You; Sungwook Kang; Young Dae Kwon

7. Surgeons’ Recommendation is the Factor in Determining the Breast Cancer Surgery Procedures: an Experience from Rural Hospital in Thailand

Volume 19, Issue 5, May 2018, Pages 1189-1193

Ajaree Sattaratnamai; Noppawat Samankatiwat; Visnu Lohsiriwat

8. Quality of Life of Nepalese Women Post Mastectomy

Volume 19, Issue 4, April 2018, Pages 1005-1012

Muna Maharjan; Niresh Thapa; Raj Adhikari; Marcia A Petrini; Kapendra Shekhar Amatya