Hormone Receptor Status of Operable Breast Cancers in Indonesia: Correlation with Other Prognostic Factors and Survival


Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the hormone receptor status of operable breast cancers inYogyakarta, Indonesia , and its correlation with other established prognostic factors and overall survival. Materialsand
Methods: Operable breast cancers in Yogyakarta were studied clinically, pathologically andimmunohistochemically for tumor size, lymph node status, histological grade, mitotic index, ER, PR, c-erbB2, p53and MIB-1 proliferation index. Correlations of ER and PR with those prognostic factors were determined, andpatients were longitudinally followed for overall survival.
Results: Breast cancer showed an aggressive phenotypewith large tumor size, positive lymph nodes, high histologic grade, high mitotic index, positive c-erbB2, p53 andMIB- 1 proliferation index. Positive ER and PR did not improve the prognosis significantly, and adjuvant treatmentwith tamoxifen did not increase overall survival.