Estimation of Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione Peroxidase in Oral Submucous Fibrosis, Oral Leukoplakia and Oral Cancer - A Comparative Study


Present study was undertaken to estimate and compare erythrocyte superoxide dismutase (E-SOD) andGlutathione peroxidase (GPx) levels in oral submucous fibrosis, oral leukoplakia and oral cancer patients andage/sex matched healthy subjects, 25 in each group. Statistically significant (P<0.001) decrease in E-SOD andGPx levels were observed in OSF, oral leukoplakia and oral cancer groups as compared to the control group.Oral leukoplakia group showed lower levels in comparison with OSF (P>0.05). Oral cancer group had the lowestlevels amongst the study groups. Imbalance in antioxidant enzyme status may be considered as one of the factorsresponsible for the pathogenesis of cancer and may serve as a potential biomarker and therapeutic target toreduce the malignant transformation in oral premalignant lesions/conditions.