Construction and Expression of an Eukaryotic Expression Vector Containing the IER3 Gene


Background: More and more research indicate that the immediately early response gene 3 (IER3) is involvedinmany biological provesses, such as apoptosis and immunoreaction, as well as viral infection, tumorigenesisand tumour progression.
Methods: Here we describe the construction of an eukaryotic expression vectorcontaining IER3 gene and its expression in A549 cells as assessed through fluorescence microscopyand Westernblotting.
Results: Fluorescence detection displayed that GFP in cytoplasm was high during 48 and 72 hourspost-transfection. In addition, Western blotting showed significant increase in IER3 gene expression in thetransfected cells compared with controls.
Conclusion: The recombinate plasmid expression vector was constructedsuccessfully, which may provide a basis for further exploration of function of IER3 in lung cancer.