Changes in the Attitudes and Behavior of Relatives of Breast Cancer Patients Concerning Cancer Prevention and Screening


Background: Changes in the attitudes and behavior of relatives of breast cancer patients concerning cancerprevention and screening after diagnosis in a loved one were evaluated. Materials and
Methods: Forty-threequestions were used to collect data from the relatives of the breast cancer patients who had been living withtheir relatives for at least one year.
Results: The study group was composed of 171 female relatives (medianage: 43, range: 17-82 yr). After the patients were diagnosed with breast cancer, changes in the attitudes andbehavior of their relatives toward the prevention and screening of cancer were evident in 78 (45.6%) of the studyparticipants (e.g. eating habits, quit or reduced smoking , exercise habits). In addition, it was noted that somecharacteristics of the relatives had different effects on different attitudes and behavior.
Conclusions: Awarenesson breast cancer among the relatives of breast cancer patients is useful for the management of health and socialproblems that can be seen in these individuals. At the same time, this information could help countries determinewhether their actual level of healthcare for early cancer diagnosis, prevention, and screening are adequate.