Lobaplatin Combined Floxuridine/Pirarubicin-based Transcatheter Hepatic Arterial Chemoembolization for Unresectable Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Purpose: To assess the effect and safety of lobaplatin combinated floxuridine /pirarubicin in transcatheterhepatic arterial chemoembolization(TACE) of unresectable primary liver cancer. Patients and
Methods: TACEcombined with the chemotherapy regimen was used to treat 34 unresectable primary liver cancer patients. DSA/MRI/CT/blood routine examinations were used to evaluate short term activity and toxicity after 4-5 weeks,the process being repeated if necessary.
Results: Among the 34 cases, 1 (2.9%) showed a complete response, 21(61.7%) a partial response, 8 (23.5%) stable disease, and 4 progressive disease, with a total effective rate of 67.6%.The content of alpha fetoprotein dropped by over 50% in 20 cases (58.8%). The rate of recovery was hepatalgia(88.2%), ascites (47.1%), appetite (55.9%), Performance Status(30.4%). The median follow-up time (MFT) was281 days (63-558 days), and median progression-free survival was 118.5 days (95%, CI:88.8-148.2days). Adversereactions (III-IV grade) were not common, with only 4 cases of vomiting and 2 cases of thrombocytopenia (IIIgrade).
Conclusions: Lobaplatin-based TACE is an effective and safe treatment for primary liver cancer.