Clinical Applicability of Multi-Tumor Marker Protein Chips for Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer


Purpose: To assess the value of multi-tumor marker protein chips in the diagnosis and treatment of ovariancancer. Materials and
Methods: Twelve tumor markers (CA19-9, NSE, CEA, CA242, CK19, β-HCG, AFP, SCC,c-PSA, CA125, CA724 and CA15-3) were detected by protein biochip in 220 patients with ovarian carcinomas,205 with benign ovarian tumors and 200 healthy subjects.
Results: The positivity rate was obviously higher inovarian cancer (77.7%), than that in the benign cases (26.3%, p<0.01) and healthy subjects (4.5%, p<0.01). Serumlevels of tumor markers were furthermore significantly higher in cases with lymph node metastasis (86.8%) thanthose without metastasis (44.7%), p<0.01.
Conclusions: Multi-tumor marker protein chips provide importantassistance in the diagnosis and treatment evaluation in ovarian cancers.