Association of Adiponectin Receptor (Adipo-R1/-R2) Expression and Colorectal Cancer


Introduction: Human adiponectin (ApN) is a 30 kDa glycoprotein of 244-amino acids which is extensivelyproduced by adipocytes. ApN acts via two receptors, namely adiponectin receptor-1 (Adipo-R1) andadiponectin receptor-2 (Adipo-R2). Studies have shown the presence of Adipo-R1 and Adipo-R2 expressionimmunohistochemically in human colorectal cancers (CRCs). However, only a few studies exist which investigatedeffects of adiponectin receptor expression on CRC characteristics.
Objectives: In the present study, we aimedto explore Adipo-R1/-R2 expression in human colorectal cancers and any association with clinicopathologicalcharacteristics and survival. Materials and
Methods: The study enrolled 58 colorectal cancer patients with tumorresection and a control group of 30 subjects with normal colon mucosa.
Results: Positivity for Adipo-R1/-R2expression was significantly more common in the control group in comparison to the patient group (both p<0.001).There was no significant association between Adipo-R1/-R2 expression and clinicopathological characteristicsincluding age, sex tumor location, pTNM stage, Duke’s stage, metastasis, histological differentiation, perineuralinvasion, venous invasion sex, lymphatic invasion, cancer-related mortality, tumor size and recurrence. Adipo-R1/-R2 positivity was also not significantly linked to progression-free or overall survival [p values (0.871, 0.758) and (0.274, 0.232), respectively].
Conclusions: Although significantly reduced Adipo-R1/-R2 expression wasfound in colorectal cancer patients, it had no influence on survival.