Ifosfamide-containing Regimens for Treating Patients with Osteosarcomas


Background: This systemic analysis was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of an ifosfamidecontainingregimen in treating patients with osteosarcoma.
Methods: Clinical studies evaluating the efficacy andsafety of Ifosfamide-containing regimen on response and safety for patients with osteosarcoma were identifiedby using a predefined search strategy. Pooled response rate (RR) of treatment were calculated.
Results: Whenifosfamide-containing regimens were evaluated, 4 clinical studies which including 134 patients with osteosarcomawere considered eligible for inclusion. Systemic analysis suggested that, in all patients, pooled RR was 44.8%(60/134) in ifosfamide-containing regimens. Major adverse effects were neutropenia, leukopenia, and fatigueinIfosfamide-containing regimens; No treatment related death occurred in cantharidin combined regimens.
Conclusion: This systemic analysis suggests that ifosfamide-containing regimens are associated with goodresponse rate and acceptable toxicity in treating patients with osteosarcoma, but this result should be confirmedby randomized clinical trials.