Meta-Analysis of the Association between the rs8034191 Polymorphism in AGPHD1 and Lung Cancer Risk


Background: Possible associations between the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs8034191 in theaminoglycosidephosphotransferase domain containing 1 (AGPHD1) gene and lung cancer risk have been studiedby many researchers but the results have been contradictory. Materials and
Methods: A computerized searchfor publications on rs8034191 and lung cancer risk was performed. Odds ratios (ORs) with 95% confidenceintervals (CIs) were calculated to assess the association between rs8034191 and lung cancer risk with 13 selectedcase-control studies. Sensitivity analysis, test of heterogeneity, cumulative meta-analysis, and assessment ofbias were also performed.
Results: A significant association between rs8034191 and lung cancer susceptibilitywas found using the dominant genetic model (OR=1.344, 95% CI: 1.285-1.406), the additive genetic model(OR=1.613, 95% CI: 1.503-1.730), and the recessive genetic model (OR=1.408, 95% CI: 1.319-1.503). Moreover,an increased lung cancer risk was found with all genetic models after stratification of ethnicity.
Conclusions: Theassociation between rs8034191 and lung cancer risk was significant using multiple genetic models, suggestingthat rs8034191 is a risk factor for lung cancer. Further functional studies of this polymorphism and lung cancerrisk are warranted.