Quitline Activity in China


Tobacco Control Office, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, China


In order to help smokers quit easier, China has started to provide quitline service since 2004. There are
two models for Chinese quitline service-the National Quitline Model, which provides only cessation service to
smokers, and the 12320 Hotline Model, which integrates cessation counseling into public health hotline service
and is currently adapted in public health hotlines in 28 provinces. A protocol of 4 counseling calls is used by 12320
Hotline. Three-month abstinence rate for clients is about 20%. The fact that most smokers who attempted quit
don’t seek cessation help or quitline service is not well known by the public are major constraints for quitline
service in China. Effective advocating campaign should be implemented to propagate quitline. Diverse protocols
targeting different subpopulation will also need to be developed to better service the public.