Evaluating the Oncogenic and Tumor Suppressor Role of XPO5 in Different Tissue Tumor Types

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1 Department of Physiology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Kohat, Pakistan.

2 Department of Urology and Transplantation, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.

3 Department of Neurosurgery unit II, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.

4 Department of Internal Medicine, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, Baltimore, MD, 21239, USA.

5 Department of Ophthalmology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 21205, USA.


The miRNAs nuclear export protein XPO5 has been previously studied in several individual malignancies. In our
recent study we have demonstrated that excess levels of XPO5 enhanced the proliferation of prostate cancer cells.
Similarly, there are studies to support the inhibitory role of XPO5 in cancers. In order to evaluate discrepancies in the
expression levels of XPO5 in differential tumor types, we quantified the expression of XPO5 using gene expression
RNA-seq data for several tumor types which were independently confirmed by immunohistochemistry in multiple
organs cancer tissue microarray (TMAs) experiment. We found that while some tumors (Breast, Bladder, Lymph-node,
Lung, Esophagus and Ovary) showed higher differences between normal and malignant tumors in XPO5 expression,
there were tissues (Kidney and Brain) that have a significantly lower XPO5 expression in malignant tumors. We further
studies these observations of overexpression and down-regulation of XPO5 in breast and kidney cancer cell lines and
found that XPO5 might have a dual role in promoting or inhibiting tumor growth in different cancer tissue types.


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Volume 19, Issue 4
April 2018
Pages 1119-1125
  • Receive Date: 02 January 2018
  • Revise Date: 21 February 2018
  • Accept Date: 16 March 2018
  • First Publish Date: 01 April 2018