Author = Ashley Belinfante
Risk Factors Associated with Frequent Alcohol Binge Drinking among Jamaicans: Does Gender Matter?

Volume 19, S1, April 2018, Pages 39-44

Wendel D Abel; Steve Weaver; Tana Ricketts-Roomes; Chinwendu F Agu; Patrice Whitehorne-Smith; Daniel C Oshi; Joy Harrison; Kristen Smith; Gabrielle Mitchell; Ashley Belinfante; Tania Rae; Sarah N Oshi

Parental Alcohol Drinking Habit as a Predictor of Alcohol Use among Secondary School Students in Barbados

Volume 19, S1, April 2018, Pages 57-62

Sarah N Oshi; Wendel D Abel; Daniel C Oshi; Patrice Whitehorne-Smith; Tana F Ricketts-Roomes; Ijeoma A Meka; Steve Weaver; Tania Rae; Gabrielle Mitchell; Ashley Belinfante; Chinwendu F Agu