Main Subjects = General Oncology
Electro-Acupuncture Therapy Increases Serum Interferon-γ Levels in Rats with 7, 12 Dimethylbenz(α)anthracene (DMBA)-Induced Breast Tumors

Volume 18, Issue 5, May 2017, Pages 1323-1328

Laily Yuliatun; Sholihatul Amalia; Aliyah Adek Rahmah; Laily Aflahal Yaumi

Is Height of Prognostic Significance in Breast Cancer Cases?

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 589-591

yasemin cihan

A Comprehensive Model for Predicting Recurrence and Survival in Cases of Chinese Postoperative Invasive Breast Cancer

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 727-733

Xian-He Xie; Yan-Fen Hu; Chao Jing; Shui-Mei Luo; Yun-Fu Lv; Hai-Tao Yang; Li-Na Li; Hui-Juan Chen; Wan-Zun Lin; Wei-Li Zheng

Fentanyl Inhibits Tumorigenesis from Human Breast Stem Cells by Inducing Apoptosis

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 735-739

Nadir Kocak; Filiz Ozen; Ibrahim Halil Yildirim; Yagmur Duran

Analysis of Cisplatin-Induced Ototoxicity Risk Factors in Iranian Patients with Solid Tumors: a Cohort, Prospective and Single Institute Study

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 753-758

Zahra Esfahani-Monfared; Adnan Khosravi; Ali Safavi Naini; Golnar Radmand; Kian Khodadad

Esophageal Cancer and associated Factors among Uzbek-Turkmen and Other Ethnic Groups in the Northern Part of Afghanistan

Volume 18, Issue 2, February 2017, Pages 333-337

Mohammad Hassan Hamrah; Mohammad Shoaib Hamrah; Mitsuro Kanda; Junichi Sakamoto; Mohammad Hussain Hamrah; Asif Hami; Ahmad Edris Hamrah; Ahmad Elias Dahi; Mohammad Hashem Hamrah

Assessment of Anxiety and Depression Status in Turkish Cutaneous Melanoma Patients

Volume 18, Issue 2, February 2017, Pages 369-373

Faruk Tas; Senem Karabulut; Hulya Guveli; Sidika Kurul; Kayhan Erturk; Murat Guveli; Hasibe Kinik

Hyperuricemia at The Time Of Diagnosis is a Factor for Poor Prognosis in Patients With Stage II and III Colorectal Cancer (Uric Acid and Colorectal Cancer)

Volume 18, Issue 2, February 2017, Pages 485-490

Ahmet Ozan Cetin; Muhyettin Omar; Serkan Calp; Hasan Tunca; Nevin Yilmaz; Burak Ozseker; Ozgur Tanriverdi

The Pre-Treatment Neutrophil-Lymphocyte Ratio: a Useful Tool in Predicting Non-Sentinel Lymph Node Metastasis in Breast Cancer Cases

Volume 18, Issue 2, February 2017, Pages 557-562

Suphawat Laohawiriyakamol; Somrit Mahattanobon; Supparerk Laohawiriyakamol; Puttisak Puttawibul

Morphological Classification of Intraductal Papillary Neoplasm of the Bile Duct with Survival Correlation

Volume 18, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 207-213

Vor Luvira; Kulyada Somsap; Ake Pugkhem; Chalerm Eurboonyanun; Varisara Luvira; Vajarabhongsa Bhudhisawasdi; Chawalit Pairojkul; Supot Kamsa-ard