Increased Expression of P2RY2, CD248 and EphB1 in Gastric Cancers from Chilean Patients


Background: Gastric cancer (GC) ranks as one of the major causes of mortality due to cancer worldwide.In Chile, it is currently the leading cause of cancer death. Identification of novel molecular markers that mayhelp to improve disease diagnosis at early stages is imperative. Materials and
Methods: Using whole-genomeDNA microarrays we determined differential mRNA levels in fresh human GC samples compared to adjacenthealthy mucosa from the same patients. Genes significantly overexpressed in GC were validated by RT-PCR ina group of 14 GC cases.
Results: The genes CD248, NSD1, RAB17, ABCG8, Ephb1 and P2RY2 were detected asthe top overexpressed in GC biopsies. P2RY2, Ephb1 and CD248 showed the best sensitivity for GC detectionwith values of 92.9%, 85.7% and 64.3% (p<0.05), respectively. Specificity was 85.7%, 71.4% and 71.4% (p<0.05),for each respectively.