Contributions to Cancer Prevention of Non-Governmental Organizations 1. Establishment of the UICC and its Activities


The objectives of the UICC declared at the outset were of an essential nature for preventive oncology and have ‍very slowly been carried forward. Activities have rapidly expanded with progress in medicine and biology. ‍Strengthening of the International cooperative network since 1980 has accelerated this trend. Most of the initial ‍aims of the Union have now been achieved, I believe, but there appear many further problems to be resolved in ‍cancer prevention, not only in economically developed areas but also in developing regions. Obtaining finance continues ‍to be a big task with regard to accomplishing the many objectives of the UICC. Personal donations from individuals ‍joining the Roll of Honor have provided part support for many projects, but the efforts of the Finance Committee, in ‍coordination with member organizations, are still keys to maintaining activities and reaching the final goal of effective ‍cancer control.