Herbs as a Food Source in Turkey


Medical benefits of herbs have been known for centuries. Many examples contain powerful active components that, if ‍used correctly, can help in healing the living organism. These herbs can also be provided in the form of capsules and ‍powders, as dietary supplements, and thus differ from conventional foods or food ingredients. The traditional Turkish ‍kitchen is rich of various herbs which have been employed as ingredients since ancient times. The present paper provides a ‍brief overview of some important herbs in the Turkish flora, including fennel, sage, rosemary, mallow, sweet basil, savory, ‍chicory, nettle, thyme, flax, cumin, caper, coriander, milk thistle, spanish lavender, marjoram, dandelion, rocket, purslane, ‍spanish salsify, amaranthus, wild radish, and wild mustard. Studies on these herbs have revealed that they contain powerful ‍active components that might be effective for increasing human health and preventing cancer.