Co-Risk Factors for HPV Infection in Northeastern Thai Women with Cervical Carcinoma


HPV infection is the main cause of cervical cancer; however, factors that promote and maintain HPV infection ‍are still unclear. This study was designed to search for factors responsible for the HPV infection in Northeastern ‍Thai women. A total of 190 volunteers with a normal histopathologic appearance of cervix as controls (n=100) and ‍with squamous cell cervical carcinoma (SCCA) (n=90) were the subjects. Variables of risk factors including sexual ‍behaviors, history of reproduction, history of sexually transmitted diseases and smoking were conducted with selfreport ‍and direct interview. Number of sexual partners and smoking history increased the likelihood of high-risk ‍HPV infection. Multiple sexual partners showed significantly higher 3.94-fold risk for HPV infection (95% CI = ‍1.82-8.82, p-value<0.001). Smoking history of partner increased the risk for HPV infection 3.03-fold (95%CI=1.42- ‍6.58, p-value< 0.002). After OR were adjusted, significant difference was still observed in the number of sexual ‍partners (p-value <0.0001) and smoking history of the partner (p-value<0.005). To decrease the incidence of cervical ‍cancer, we should prevent HPV dissemination and be on the alert for having multiple sexual partners and a partner’ ‍s smoking habit, which must be included in our public health planning.