Epithelial Ovarian Cancer at a Cancer Hospital in a Developing Country


Objectives: To analyze records of patients seen with malignant epithelial ovarian cancer at a tertiary care cancerhospital in Pakistan and obtain information on factors as laterality, histology, CA-125 levels, and stage of the disease,determine age at presentation and, assess menopausal status of the patients. Also, to review results obtained in lightof data published in indexed journals. Patients and
Methods: We analyzed 544 cases of malignant ovarian epithelialtumors registered at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center from December 1994-December 2003.
Results: Mean age at presentation: 48.1 years (SD 13, range 4-82 years); commonest histologicalsub-type: serous cystadenocarcinoma (28.6%); most frequently seen stage: 3 (43.5%), followed by stage 4 (22.4%);post-menopausal: 56.8% of the women; bilateral disease: 41.2% of the women; and Cancer Antigen-125 (CA-125)level: elevated in 70% of the females.
Conclusions: Stage at presentation in majority of the cases was advanced ascompared to that seen in the west. With only minor variations, our findings seem consistent with those reported inother local studies. However, it is imperative to conduct an extensive population-based study to understand theimpact of, and develop strategies for the management of ovarian cancer in Pakistan.