Renal Involvement in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: The Shaukat Khanum Experience


Background: Primary lymphoma of genitourinary system is rare as these organs do not contain lymphoidtissue, however secondary involvement often occurs. The most commonly affected genitourinary organ is thekidney.
Methods: Medical records of 901 patients with documented NHL seen at Shaukat Khanum MemorialCancer Hospital & Research Center during 1995-2003 were studied for the incidence, histopathological, clinicaland radiological correlation of renal involvement in NHL.
Results: 19(2.1%) patients had renal involvement.Male to female ratio was 3.75:1. Histology was diffuse large cell lymphoma in 12(63%) patients. IPI was High,High intermediate and Low intermediate in 17(89.5%) patients. Radiologically, 5(26.5%) patients had the diseaseabove the diaphragm, 2(10.5%) patients had disease below the diaphragm while 12(63%) had disease on bothsides of the diaphragm. 11(58%) showed complete response, 1(5.5%) showed partial response while 7(36.8%)showed progressive disease.
Conclusion: Majority of patients with renal involvement had low intermediate orhigher IPI compatible with significant progression rate. The findings and disease behavior in our population iscomparable to those quoted in English literature. Radiological tools have made it easier to monitor diseaseresponse and renal biopsy is seldom required.