Outcome of Interval Debulking in Advanced Ovarian Cancer Patients


Interval debulking and neoadjuvant chemotherapy have been used in management of advanced epithelialovarian cancer for many years in order to achieve optimal residual disease and reduce surgical morbidity. Thepresent study was conducted to evaluate the outcomes of advanced ovarian cancer patients treated with thesetwo approaches prior to cytoreductive surgery in Chiang Mai University Hospital between January 2001 andDecember 2006. The medical records of 29 patients who met the criteria were retrospectively reviewed. Mosthad stage IIIC serous cystadenocarcinomas. We found that the 5 year progression free survival and overallsurvival were 10% and 22% while the median values were 13 months and 34 months, respectively. Multivariateanalysis showed that a suboptimal residual tumor volume was a statistically significant adverse prognosticfactor for overall survival. In conclusion, interval debulking surgery and neoadjuvant chemotherapy beforecytoreductive surgery lead to a more favorable outcome with advanced epithelial ovarian cancers.