Cancer Data Analysis in the Pathology Department, Combined Military Hospital, Multan, Pakistan 2002-2007


This study was conducted with the objective of providing the pattern of cancer distribution from a hospitalbased tumour registry at CMH, Multan, in comparison with patterns from other National Studies. Theretrospective study of malignant tumours recorded at the pathology department from 2002-2007 featured analysisin terms of age group, gender and type of tumour. Over the six year period the total number of malignancies was930 with a male to female ratio of 1.4:1. The common tumours in males, in order of decreasing frequency wereleukaemia, prostate cancer, urinary bladder cancer, skin cancer and lymphomas. In females they were leukaemia,breast cancer, skin cancer, gallbladder cancer and lymphomas. In both sexes, the most common malignancy wasleukaemia, which is contrary to other studies, pointing to a possible link with extensive use of pesticides andother agricultural chemicals in this region of the country.