Limited Efficacy of Cisplatin, UFT and Hydroxyurea Treatment in a Retrospective Evaluation of Patients with Metastatic Gastric Cancer


Background: Most gastric cancer cases are diagnosed at advanced stage and the prognosis is therefore poor.Combination chemotherapy regimens like FAM, FAMTX, ECF, ELF are recommended in advanced gastriccancer. Of particular interest is the HLFP protocol (hydroxyurea, leucovorin, 5-FU, cisplatin) which is reportedto give good response rates. In the present study we evaluated the efficacy of oral UFT instead of 5-FU andleucovorin.
Methods: We retrospectively evaluated the efficacy of cisplatin, UFT, and hydroxyurea in combinationin 14 patients with metastatic gastric cancer. Patients with brain metastasis were excluded. The doses of agentswere: oral hydroxyurea 1.5 g/day on days 1-3; cisplatin 80 mg/m2 infusion on day 1 for two hours; and UFTcapsule 400 mg/day dose on days 1 to 14.
Results: The results were progressive disease in 8 (57%) patients,stable disease in 2 (17%) patients and partial response in 1 (7%) patient. The overall survival was 7.9 months (3-15), progression free survival was 3.4 (1-7) months.
Conclusions: Due to high toxicity and low response rates,cisplatin, UFT and hydroxyurea combination demonstrated limited activity against gastric cancer and was notfound to be effective for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer.