Evaluation of Anticarcinogenic and Antimutagenic Potential of Bauhinia variegata Extract in Swiss Albino Mice


Background: Infusions from the bark of Bauhinia is used to treat various diseases in the traditional medicalsystem of India and decoction of the roots is used in dyspepsia and act as an antidote to snake poison. Itschemopreventive potential for cancer was the subject of the present study. Materials and methods: To evaluatethe anticarcinogenicity and antimutagenicity of Kachanar extract a skin carcinogenesis and melanoma tumourmodel was used, along with micronucleus and chromosomal aberration tests, in Swiss albino mice.
Results: Inthe skin papilloma model, significant prevention, with delayed appearance and reduction in the cumulative no.of papillomas was observed in the DMBA + Kachanar + croton oil treated group as compared to the DMBA +Croton Oil group. C57 Bl mice which received a 50 % methanolic extract of Kachanar extract at the doses of500 and 1000 mg/ kg body weight for 30 days showed increase in life span and tumour size was significantlyreduced as compared to controls. In antimutagenicity studies,a single application of Kachanar extract at dosesof 300, 600 and 900 mg/kg dry weight, 24 hours prior the i.p. administration of cyclophosphamide (at the 50 mg/kg) significantly prevented micronucleus formation and chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow cells ofmice, in a dose dependent manner.
Conclusions: Our results suggest that Kachanar extract exerts anticarcinogenicand antimutagenic activity.