Asian Cancer Research Facilities and Staff


For collaboration across the Asian Pacific to function effectively in this day and age, email contact is absolutely essential. The list below is for the present moment in time and will be continuously upgraded at regular intervals in the future, to be made available as a pdf file from the APOCP website: Anyone wishing to add or delete a name, or change details, should contact To indicate the area of speciality a simple coding system has been employed: BN, brain and nervous tissue; BR, breast; CC, childhood cancer; CE, cervix; CR, colorectum; EN, endometrium; FF, food; GB, gallbladder; GE, general epidemiology; GO, governmental organization; HP, health promotion; KI, kidney; LI, liver; IM, imaging; LL, lymphoma/leukemia; LU, lung; ME, molecular epidemiology; MO, medical oncology; OC, oral cavity; OE, oesophagus; OV, ovary; NGO, non-governmental organization; NP, nasopharynx; PA, pathology; PAL, palliative care; PC, pancreas; PE, pediatrics; PL, pharynx/larynx; PS, patient support; RO, radiation oncology; SC screening; REG, cancer registration; SK, skin; ST, stomach; SU, surgery; TC, tobacco control; TH, thyroid; TP, toxicological pathology; UT, urinary bladder. The order of countries is from West to East, rather than alphabetical, so that geographical proximity is given priority, then cities/states and institutions/departments/individuals are listed alphabetically.