Dietary Patterns and Risk of Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast: A Factor Analysis in Uruguay


Breast cancer (BC) shows very high incidence rates in Uruguayan women. The present factor analysis ofductal carcinoma of the breast, the most frequent histological type of this malignancy both in Uruguay and inthe World, was conducted at a prepaid hospital of Montevideo, Uruguay. We identified 111 cases with ductal BCand 222 controls with normal mammograms. A factor analysis was conducted using 39 food groups, allowingretention of six factors analyzed through logistic regression in order to obtain odds ratios (OR) associated withductal BC. The low fat and non-alcoholic beverage patterns were inversely associated (OR=0.30 and OR=0.45,respectively) with risk. Conversely, the fatty cheese pattern was positively associated (OR=4.17) as well as thefried white meat (OR=2.28) and Western patterns (OR 2.13). Ductal BC shared similar dietary risk patterns asthose identified by studies not discriminating between histologic type of breast cancer.