Effects of Training about Skin Cancer on Farmers’ Knowledge Level and Attitudes


Background: Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. As farmers stay under sun for a longtime and handle many different chemicals, they are at risk. This study was carried out to examine the effects oftraining for protection on their knowledge level and attitudes.
Method: The subjects were 194 farmers living ina village in Marmara region which most benefits from the sun in Turkey. No sampling was performed. Data werecollected before and after six months of training through a personal description form and skin cancer attitudeknowledgeform and analyzed using percentage calculations, McNeamer test and t-test in dependent groups.
Results: Knowledge level of farmers on skin cancer and the protection from skin cancer was significantly increasedafter the training (p<0.01) regarding use of sun cream, umbrellas, swimming and traditional behavior (p<.01)but not use of hats, sunglasses and long-sleeved shirts (p>0.01). A significant decrease was also determined intampering with moles, acnes and scars (p<.01).
Conclusion: The training given to farmers for protection againstskin cancer was found effective for improving knowledge levels and attitudes. Planned and regular educationshould decrease the skin cancer rate among farmers.