Cervical Human Papilloma Virus Infection among the General Female Population in Vietnam: A Situation Analysis


Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the necessary cause of cervical cancer. This survey used a sample of 1,500married women aged 15-69 to examine the prevalence of HPV infection and HPV specific types in Vietnam aswell as risk factors of HPV infection. Results indicated that the prevalence of HPV infection in Hanoi and HCMwas 6.13 and 8.27. The proportion of multiple HPV infection was also higher in HCM than in Hanoi (35.5% vs.17.4%). Risk factors having significant associations with general HPV infection were early age at first sexualintercourse, number of life time sexual partners and period of use of oral contraceptives. Future implementationof HPV vaccine campaigns in Vietnam should consider the fact that HPV type 58 is common among both Hanoiand HCM populations, which none of the currently available vaccines target.