MTHFR Gene Polymorphisms in Bladder Cancer in the Turkish Population


Bladder cancer is the 9th most common cancer and is responsible for malignancy related death all on the world.Folate and folate related enzyme polymorphisms related to the cancer risk. The methylene tethrahydrofolatereductase (MTHFR) enzyme is folate related and association of bladder cancer and MTHFR gene. Our purposewas to assess the prevalence of MTHFR gene 677 CT and 1298 AC polymorphisms and Bladder cancer in Turkey.We intended that bladder cancer patients and controls and we used the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)and Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) methods. The MTHFR gene C677T and A1298Cpolymorphisms were associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer in our population (For the MTHFRgene C677T polymorphism and A1298C polymorphism; p=0.036<0.05; p=0.278>0.05 respectively). Consequently,the MTHFR gene C677T polymorphism augments the risk of bladder cancer in Turkey.