Antitumor Effects of Hyperthermic CO2 Pneumoperitoneum on Human Gastric Cancer Cells


Aim: To elucidate the effects of hyperthermic CO2 pneumoperitoneum on human gastric AGS cells.
Methods:Based on a newly devised in vitro study model, we evaluated the anti-cancer effects of HT-CO2 (42-44˚C for2-4h) on human gastric cancer cells, and also the corresponding mechanisms.
Results: HT-CO2 (42-44˚C for2-4h) severely inhibited cell proliferation as assessed by Cell Counting Kit-8 assay, while inducing apoptosis ina temperature- and time-dependent manner demonstrated by annexin-V/PI flow cytometry and morphologicalanalysis (Hoechst/PI fluorescence). In addition, it was found that HT-CO2 (42-44˚C for 2-4h) promoted theup-regulation of Bax by western blotting. Significantly, it could also suppress gastric cancer cell invasion andmetastasis by in vitro invasion and motility assay.
Conclusion: In conclusion, HT-CO2 had an efficacious cytotoxiceffect on gastric cancer cells through Bax-induced mitochondrial apoptotic signaling. Our studies indicate thatit may serve as a potential therapy for peritoneal carcinomatosis of gastric cancer. Further investigations in vivousing animal models are now urgently needed.