Endo-sulfatase Sulf-1 Protein Expression is Down-regulated in Gastric Cancer


In our recent report on gene expression in gastric cancer we identified the endo-sulfatase Sulf-1 gene to be up-regulated in gastric tumors relative to apparently normal (AN), and paired normal (PN) gastric tissue samples. In the present report we investigate the protein expression levels of Sulf-1 gene in gastric tumors, AN and PN samples using tissue microarray (TMA) and immunohistochemistry. Expression data was collected from two sets of TMA’s containing replicate sections of tissue samples. Scoring data from TMA set-1 revealed a significant difference in Sulf-1 immunoreactivity between tumors and “normals” (PN and AN) (p-value = 0.001928). Also, Sulf-1 expression in tumors was also significantly different from either PN (p-value =0.019) or AN (p-value = 0.006) samples. Similar results were obtained from analysis of scoring data from the second set of arrays. Comparison of mRNA expression and protein expression in gastric tumor tissues revealed that in 6/20 (30%) tumor samples showed up-regulated protein expression concordant with over-expression of mRNA. However, a discord with mRNA being over-expressed relative to down regulated protein expression was observed in majority 14/20 (70%) of tumor samples. Our study indicates down regulation of Sulf-1 protein expression in gastric tumors relative to PN and AN samples which is discordant with mRNA over-expression seen in tumors.