Early Efficacy of Endostar Combined with Chemoradiotherapy for Advanced Cervical Cancers


The aim of this study was to investigate the early outcome of Endostar combined with chemoradiotherapy for advanced cervical cancer. Fifty-two cases (FIGO Ⅱb to Ⅳa) were divided randomly into two groups, receiving chemoradiotherapy alone (CRT group) and Endostar combined with chemoradiotherapy (CRT+E group). For the patients in the CRT+E group, Endostar was administered daily with the dosage of 7.5 mg/m2, and cisplatin was administered weekly with the dosage of 20 mg/m2 during the radiation. The regimens lasted for 4 weeks with no difference in chemoradiotherapy between the two groups. The early outcome complete remission rate was 73.1%, partial remission rate was 23.1% and the total response rate was 96.2% in CRT+E group, a significnat improvement on the 34.6%, 42.3% and 76.9%, respectively, in the CRT group. One year survive rates were 100% and 84.6% in the CRT+E group and CRT groups, the difference being significant. Endostar combined with chemoradiotherapy can improve the early outcome of the advanced cervical cancer, and adverse effects were not encountered.