Quality of Life of Women Undergoing Chemotherapy for a Gynaecological Oncological Disease in Turkey


Aim: Studies have shown effects of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy on quality of life in cases ofgynaecological cancer. Very few studies are available examining the quality of life of individuals in Turkey whohave been diagnosed with gynaecological cancer and undergoing treatment.
Method: This study was performedto evaluate the quality of life of such patients using the EORTC-QLQ-C30 Quality of Life Index. Chi-squareYates, Mann-Whitney-U tests and variance analysis used for statistical analizing.
Results: The EORTC-QLQ-C30Quality of Life Index mean points for “general well-being and quality of life” of the patients were found to be60.5±25.0. In the sub-groups of the Quality of Life Index determined fatigue (60.1±24.8), economic difficulties(46.9±33.3), pain and loss of appetite (42.9±27.8; 42.9±34.0) and insomnia (40.1±34.0) were the symptoms mostreported to have a negative effect on quality of life. Statistical significance was noted for marital status andincome status (p<0.05) but not educational level.
Conclusion:Determination of quality of life of women with adiagnosis of gynaecological oncological disease who are undergoing chemotherapy enables provision of a morecomprehensive and higher quality of care.