Correlation of CT Perfusion Images with VEGF Expression in Solitary Brain Metastases


Objectives: To obtain permeability surface (PS) values using multi-slice helical CT perfusion imagingand to evaluate the spatial distribution correlation between PS values and vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF) expression in solitary brain metastases.
Methods: Imaging was performed on 21 patients, PS valuesbeing calculated from the central, border and peripheral parts of tumours. VEGF expression was determinedby immunohistochemical staining.
Results: Rim enhancement was found in 16 cases, the border of the tumourfeaturing PS elevation with high VEGF expression in 13 cases. In the 5 cases with nodular enhancement, theborder and the central part had high permeability and VEGF expression was high in all cases, the correlationbeing significant (P<0.01) .
Conclusion: VEGF expression in brain metastases positively correlates with PS valuesfrom CT perfusion imaging, so that the latter can be used in the surveillance of angiogenic activity in brainmetastases.