Relationship Between PTEN and Livin Expression and Malignancy of Renal Cell Carcinomas


Objectives: This study focused on PTEN and Livin expression and associations with malignancy in humanrenal clear cell carcinomas (RCCC).
Methods: PTEN and Livin expression was assessed in 100 RCCC tissuesamples, 50 paracarcinoma cases, and 20 normal renal tissue samples using the immunohistochemical Streptavidinproxidase (SP) method. The relationships between binding and corresponding biological characteristics, such ashistological grade, lymph node metastases, and clinical stages were analyzed.
Results: Positive PTEN expression inRCCC was significantly lower than in renal tissue adjacent to carcinoma tissue and normal renal tissue (P<0.01).Livin expression in the renal tissue adjacent to the carcinoma and normal renal tissues exhibited only low levels,whereas overall Livin expression in RCCC was statistically significant (P<0.01). In RCCC, PTEN expression rategradually decreased with an increase in clinical stage, whereas that of Livin increased to statistically significantlevels (P<0.01), PTEN and Livin levels being negatively correlated (r=-0.395, P<0.01).
Conclusions: PTENand Livin are important in RCCC development. The two factors combined are expected to provide indices forestimating RCCC malignancy and progression levels, as well as references for RCCC diagnosis and treatment.