Mammalian Mediator 19 Mediates H1299 Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Clone Conformation, Growth, and Metastasis


Mammalian mediator (MED) is a multi-protein coactivator that has been identified by several researchgoups. The involvement of the MED complex subunit 19 (MED 19) in the metastasis of lung adenocarcinomacell line (H1299), which expresses the MED 19 subunit, was here investigated. When MED 19 expression wasdecreased by RNA interference H1299 cells demonstrated reduced clone formation, arrest in the S phase ofthe cell cycle, and lowered metastatic capacity. Thus, MED 19 appears to play important roles in the biologicalbehavior of non-small cell lung carcinoma cells. These findings may be important for the development of novellung carcinoma treatments.