Lack of Association Between the CYP1A1 Ile462Val Polymorphism and Endometrial Cancer Risk: a Meta-analysis


Purpose: Any association between the CYP1A1 Ile462Val polymorphism and endometrial cancer risk remainsinconclusive. For a more precise estimate, we performed the present meta-analysis.
Methods: PUBMED, OVIDand EMBASE were searched for the studies which met inclusion criteria. Data in all eligible studies wereevaluated and extracted by two authors independently. The meta-analysis estimated pooled odds ratio (OR) with95% confidence interval (CI) for endometrial cancer risk attributable to the CYP1A1 Ile462Val polymorphism.
Results: A total of 7 studies were included in this meta-analysis. The results indicated no association betweenendometrial cancer risk and the CYP1A1 Ile462Val polymorphism (for Val vs Ile allele model [OR 1.09, 95%CI 0.73-1.62]; for Val.Val vs Ile.Ile genotype model [OR 1.54, 95% CI 0.56-4.23]; for (Ile.Val + Val.Val) vs Ile.Ilegenotpye model [OR 1.08, 95% CI 0.71-1.63]; for Val.Val vs (Ile.Ile + Ile.Val) genotype model [OR 1.46, 95% CI0.53-4.04]).
Conclusions: This meta-analysis suggests that there is no association between endometrial cancerrisk and the CYP1A1 Ile462Val polymorphism.