Exon 8-9 Mutations of DNA Polymerase β in Ovarian Carcinoma Patients from Haldia, India


Background: Ovarian cancer is the number one killer among all the gynecological cancers. We undertookassociation study to identify potential alterations in the genomic DNA of a DNA repair gene, DNA polymerasebeta (polβ), involved in base excision repair (BER), in ovarian carcinomas of patients from Haldia, India.Mutations, splice variants have been reported earlier in different tumors other than ovarian tumors. Aim: In thisstudy we explored the possibility of association of any mutation of polβ (Exon 8) with prognosis in 152 ovariancancer samples.
Results: Alteration in the exon 8 region (Exon 8:468, AgC; 15.1%) was noted among fifty sevenpolymorphism positive samples. Alteration in the intervening sequence 8 (IVS8, -25, AgC; 3.9%) was also noted.All alterations are heterozygous in nature.
Conclusion: We found no significant association among the samplesfrom serous type, stage IV, and the polβ mutations (P≤0.01). Only a slight tendency of association was evidentbetween IVS8, -25, A to C; and stage III. Further analysis with a larger number of samples is needed.