Evaluation of the Pap Smear Test Status of Turkish Womenand Related Factors


Background: The Pap smear has an important value in the early diagnosis of cervical cancer, a seriousproblem in womens health. This study aimed to determine the status of Turkish women regarding participationin Pap smear testing and affecting factors. Materials and
Methods: This descriptive study was conducted onmarried women between 18-61 years of age selected from those who applied to the Obstetrics and GynaecologyPolyclinic of Atatürk University in Erzurum between June-August 2010 for any reason. Data were collected usinga questionnaire determining socio-demographic features and analyzed by descriptive statistics (mean, Sd, range,frequency, percentage) and Chi-square test. A level of p<0.05 was considered statistically significant.
Results: Sixtysix of the 301 women (21.9%) indicated that they heard a Pap smear test and 16.6% of women had experienced atest. The number of women participating increased with age, duration of marriage, number of births, knowledgeabout the Pap smear and perception of risk for cervical cancer.
Conclusions: The importance of the Pap smeartest needs to be explained to Turkish women by health staff, to increase awareness and participation in regularscreening.