Phase II Study on Safety and Efficacy of Yadanzi® (Javanica oilemulsion injection) Combined with Chemotherapy for Patientswith Gastric Cancer


Objective: To investigate the efficacy and safety of Yadanzi® (Javanica oil emulsion injection) combined withchemotherapy for treatment of patients with advanced gastric cancer.
Methods: From January 2011 to December2012, we recruited 75 patients with advanced gastric cancer, who received javanica oil emulsion injectiontogether with chemotherapy. After two cycles of treatment, efficacy and safety of the combined therapies wereevaluated.
Results: Overall response rate of 75 patients after treatment was 85.3% (CR+PR+SD). Treatmentrelated side effects were recorded. No treatment related death occurred.
Conclusions: Javanica oil emulsioninjection combined with chemotherapy could be considered as a safe and effective regimen in treating patientswith advanced gastric cancer. Further randomized clinical trials should be conducted to confirm whether theaddition of Yadanzi® to chemotheraphy could be associated with reduced toxicity, enhanced tolerability andimproved quality of life for patients with advanced gastric cancer.