Synergistic Anticancer Activity of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Photodynamic Therapy in Combination with Low-dose Cisplatin on Hela Cells


Objective: Photodynamic therapy (PDT ) is a promising modality for the treatment of various tumors.In order to assist in optimizing treatment, we applied 5-ALA/PDT in combination with low-dose cisplatin toevaluate cytotoxicity in Hela cells.
Methods: Antiproliferative effects of 5-ALA/PDT and cisplatin, alone and incombination, were assessed using MTT assay. To examine levels of apoptosis, Hela cells treated with 5-ALA/PDT,and combination treatment were assessed with Annexin-V/PI by flow cytometry. To investigate the molecularmechanisms underlying alterations in cell proliferation and apoptosis, Western blot analysis was conducted todetermine the expression of p53, p21, Bax and Bcl-2 proteins.
Results: MTT assays indicated that combinationtreatment obviously decreased the viability of Hela cells compared to individual drug treatment. In addition,it was confirmed that exposure of Hela cells to 5-ALA/PDT in combination with low-dose cisplatin resulted inmore apoptosis in vitro. Synergistic anticancer activity was related to upregulation p53 expression and alterationin expression of p21, Bcl-2 and Bax.
Conclusion: Our findings suggest that administration of 5-ALA/PDT incombination with the low-dose cisplatin may be an effective and feasible therapy for cervical cancer.