Expression and Significance of TSGF, CEA and AFP in Patients Before and after Radical Surgery for Colon Cancer


Objective: To explore the expression and significance of tumor specific growth factor (TSGF), carcinoembryonicantigen (CEA) and alpha fetoprotein (AFP) in cancer tissue and serum of patients with colon cancer. Materialsand
Methods: Radical surgery for colon cancer was performed on 43 patients with laparoscopu under conditionsof general anesthesia. The Elisa method was used to detect the levels of serum TSGF, CEA and AFP before andafter radical operation, and cancer tissue underwent TSGF, CEA and AFP immunohistochemistry staining afterlaparoscopic surgery. The decreased conditions of serum TSGF, CEA and AFP in patients with colon cancer atdifferent levels of differentiation and clinical stagings were analyzed, and the relationships of expression ratesbetween histological types, colon cancer morphology, lymph node metastasis and TSGF, CEA as well as AFPin cancer tissue were assessed.
Results: Compared with before radical surgery, the levels of serum TSGF, CEAand AFP decreased notably in patients after operations (p<0.01). The decreased degree of TSGF and CEA wasthe largest in patients with poorly differentiated cancer tissue (p<0.01), while that of AFP was noted in patientswith moderately differentiated cancer tissue (p<0.01). The decreased degree of TSGF and AFP was the largestin patients at phase Dukes A (p<0.01), while that of CEA in patients at phase Dukes C (p<0.01). There were nosignificant differences among the positive expression rates of TSGF, CEA and AFP with different histologicaltypes and colon cancer morphologies (p>0.05). The positive expression rates of TSGF and CEA in patients withlymph node metastasis were significantly higher than those without lymph node metastasis (p<0.01).
Conclusions:TSGF, CEA and AFP can be used to evaluate the effect of radical operation for colon cancer, and the changedlevels of different markers are associated with tumor differentiation, clinical stating and presence or absence oflymph node metastasis.