Evaluation of BreastLight as a Tool for Early Detection of Breast Lesions among Females Attending National Cancer Institute, Cairo University


Background: Breast illumination was suggested as a simple method for breast cancer screening. BreastLightis a simple apparatus for this purpose.
Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic performance of BreastLight as ascreening tool of breast cancer in comparison to mammography and histopathology. Materials and
Methods: Thishospital-based cross sectional study was conducted in the mammography unit of the radiodiagnosis departmentat National Cancer Institute, Cairo University. All participants were subjected to breast examination with theBreastLight tool, mammography and ultrasonography. Suspicious cases were biopsied for histopathologicalexamination which is considered as a gold standard.
Results: The mean age of the participants was 46.3±12.4years. Breast illumination method had sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictivevalue and total accuracy of 93.0%, 73.7%, 91.4%, 77.8% and 88.2%, respectively in detection of breast cancer.
Conclusions: Breast illumination method with BreastLight apparatus is a promising easy-to-use tool to screen forbreast cancer suitable for primary health care physician or at-home use. It needs further evaluation especiallyin asymptomatic women.