Networks of MicroRNAs and Genes in Retinoblastomas


Through years of effort, researchers have made notable progress in gene and microRNA fields aboutretinoblastoma morbidity. However, experimentally validated data for genes, microRNAs (miRNAs) andtranscription factors (TFs) can only be found in a scattered form, which makes it difficult to conclude therelationship between genes and retinoblastoma systematically. In this study, we regarded genes, miRNAs andTFs as elements in the regulatory network and focused on the relationship between pairs of examples. In thisway, we paid attention to all the elements macroscopically, instead of only researching one or several. To showregulatory relationships over genes, miRNAs and TFs clearly, we constructed 3 regulatory networks hierarchically,including a differentially expressed network, a related network and a global network, for analysis of similaritiesand comparison of differences. After construction of the three networks, important pathways were highlighted.We constructed an upstream and downstream element table of differentially expressed genes and miRNAs, inwhich we found self-adaption relations and circle-regulation. Our study systematically assessed factors in thepathogenesis of retinoblastoma and provided theoretical foundations for gene therapy researchers. In futurestudies, especial attention should be paid to the highlighted genes and miRNAs.